I love everybody...Keystone rules!

Fuck keystone beer, but GGGOOO BBBUUUCCCSSSS!!!!!!

O'Doyle IMO.


sports,mma,women,beer,and movies......my kind of guy. (in a non gay way)

Somebody is gonna have the shits today.

LOL at you fucking beer snobs. KEYSTONES AND NATTIES FOREVER!!

Drew, did you ever find a roommate in Phoenix?

adcc should be proud that they invited you, i mean gave in to your begging, to the comp this year.

Keystone is a decent ski mountain with a great terrian park. Keystone beer is ass

TTT for tha master keepin' it real (too real?)

MMF #21

BTW Drew, ever thought about stepping in the cage iwth Matty Mo and getting KTFO?

Not sure why guys hate on Fickett...he's a regular guy who loves to party that happens to fight int he UFC....average dude first, UFC fighter second..nothing wrong with keeping it real.


I'll make sure not to tell Drew's gf about that black chick he was hitting on in that bar in boston.




Sweet :)


I hated Good shepard, but i love drew fickett


GO BUCS!!!!!

I'm a fan of his fighting and now a fan of his posts. A Buccaneer is something that rapes your wife.wow

"buccaneer is something that robs you and rapes your wife"

Um, pirates,including buccaneers, were historically largly homosexual or bisexual at best. Having only each other to turn to during long lonesome months at sea, they frequently "relieved" each other. I don't care what Johnny Depp says. Now THATs something to be prooud of and cheer about.

In other news, theres a great show on A&E called "Intervention". "Asociates in general studies" There's an error in there somewhere.

Drew, always brings it. This thread makes me sad.