I love everybody...Keystone rules!

Just so everybody knows I really don't have a clue about fighting...I just try really hard, but I do like girls (especially my girl), and beer (keystone light) and conspiracy theories (see a lot of them in my business), oh yeah and mexicans, because I am mexico! Every body that hates me...thank you...everybody that supports me...thank you...before I retire Keystone light will sponsor me a 30 pak of beer...is that a fucked up rule whatever keystonwe fucking rules...go tampa bay buccaneers!!!!

la rasa

the bater

Well...TTT for girls and beer!!


Good evening Drew.

Fuck the BUCKS

always smooth, even when you're not.

fickett rules.

Keystone is horrible beer! haha. I didn't think they still made that. It's all about Blatz...

Who wants to tell him that football season is over?

You Americans consider keystone beer???LOL

just kidding "peace"

American's don't really have beer...they just have beer flavored soft drinks. imo.

"I really don't have a clue about fighting...I just try really hard" -- I dont know why but that just got you a fan!

Ah, the power of beer.

I am also Mexico, lol

first of all it's hecho in mexico and second the power of cheese rules...I just went to look for this cross eyed syamese ( dont think I spelled that right )...btw some asshole spelled my beloved buccaneers as bucks...bucks is something you shoot asshole, a buccaneer is something that robs you and rapes your wife you son a bitch...not being personal but let's get it right...o'doil rules!!!...D backs lost tonight, but I don't care I like Boston even though I'm not a base ball fan just football, but I like the people in boston and they know how to party and that 's what matters...think i got some vodka and naked juice in the fridge which sounds like and excelllent combo right now...pussy jiuciice!!!

go bater

goodnight...watch good shepard...best movie ever, if you like that sort of thing......

Me loves fat hoes and cheap beer..........Cuz i'm guaranteed........

Master of Bait

Wow. Stupid.

Best cheap beer next to Keystone is Miller High Life Lite.