I love the HG and am not afraid to show it (pics)

This is how I show my love for my brothers from the 50th state...

out fishing repping K-Team while in Canada..

And the fish where jumping into the boat!!

From Fishing Trip
From Fishing Trip
From Fishing Trip
From Fishing Trip
From Fishing Trip
From Fishing Trip
From Fishing Trip

Build fire to celebrate!

From Fishing Trip


Fire FTW!
Nice shirt too.

need green batols BRAH!

Nice fishing ftw

many fish and many beers that day!


Labatt Blue and Coors Light?

Can you get some pics of you holding the fish please that would be sweet???!!!

Looks like a good place to get away and collect your thoughts.
and of course to drink beers!

Very cool

looks like an even better place to "dispose".

 Im digging the TPK-like facial hair. 

Nice Northern! One of the only fresh water fish I enjoyed eating. Battered and fried, they taste good!

Walleye taste great...but I didint like fishing for them. Jigging is boring, and you spend too much time snagging bottom. I let the other guys fish for them, then got to eat them.

i like to jig for crappy. i think it's more skill than the whole minnow thing...

quebec in the summer. did the mosquitos try to carry you away?

jigging is booooring. and the skeeters werent too bad. during the day there werent any really, and at night we had thoe repelant things on the porch and they worked pretty good.