I met Kyle Bradley....

Last night in New Orleans, I got to met and spend time hanging out with the Fight Club Extreme world champion... Kyle Bradley. He is so fricking cool. In our discussions he spoke about his belt, his desperation over never being able to defend the title... In al the hustle and bussel I missed the chance to see if he would let me buy him a smoothie... maybe next time.

P.S. My dumb ass forgot to get his autograph.. or even a picture. So please dont blast me for not having any proof

TTT for the "ear of the year"

Wow that is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I really envy you!

Its just a shame more people didnt get the same opportunity that i was graced with....

who is phfantasm, a kyle bradley groupie

I was also there,i was lucky enough to get an autograph,and one of his porn DVD's. He showed me some "moves"from his DVD. VERY FLEXIBLE !!!!!

Next fight we will hand out dvd's of Kyle "Ears" Bradley and Elvira

Kyle is my hero!

TTT for a new Smoothie flavor in his honor!!

Was that really him? I was scared to go up to him and ask. Will someone confirm this.

One time Kyle borrowed a pair of my fight shorts to train in. If anyone is interested I'll start the bidding at $1999.99

I understand he is coming out with a line of workout and stretching DVD's all for the want -to-be porn stars. There called don't let your ear's get in the way by Kyle Bradley.

Put them up for sale on ebay Marco!


you guys are all dorks. every last one of you.

Im going to the bank tommorow to refinance my truck so I can try to get a loan. Im going to bid on those shorts...Hopefully I can outbid all you other losers and purchase these shorts and have them framed!

Yes Rich, that was Kyle. I overheard him talking about you ! Said he would like to get you in a "REAR NAKED CHOKE" or something like that ?

I think they mentioned something about a seminar in slidell. Hes going to teach the "bulldog full nelson".
I know he has perfected this move. rumor has it that JC pennington has fallen victim tothis many many times.

JC must be traing VERY hard. Friday night at the Main Event,i saw at least 7 people waiting in line to apply the "Bull Dog Nelson" on him! He made some people get back in line to do it over,till they got it right!
Can't wait for an NHB"Bull Dog Nelson"match up between Kyle and JC. Should be a sell out !

TTT For JC and Kyle and Jim demonstrating the bulldog full nelson