I need a BJJ Black Belt to PM me, have questions

Please PM me. Thanks,


Lol WTF? Who are you? Go join a gym Phone Post

Can't call one in your area? LOL

rosario00 - Lol WTF? Who are you? Go join a gym Phone Post

Wow, who am I? Someone who has been training for a long time. I know how to "just go to a gym". Apparently you do not understand that some questions may not be something you just want to put on a public forum. Yes, I can call one in the area, but this would be a question that they couldn't answer.

 BJJ Forum.

Bunch a blackbelts there.

How do you know you need a black belt to answer? What's your question? We might be able to get you squared away. Phone Post

I'm a BB under Scott Shields... AMA Phone Post

Mat Santos - Did you get the info you were looking for? Phone Post

This dude can probably help ya Jason.

Too bad he is also Nader's boyfriend.

Santos, I don't think this is like the missed encounters ads you're used to answering.


Mat Santos - Blow me shan.

You stand when you speak ShanTheMan's name!

or type it or whatever....

 you two get a room.  ; )