I Need A New Screen Name...

I need a new screen name.  Today I was on the phone with Rick "THE JET" Roufus and he told me that everyone he trains thinks all of my posts are made by him.  He was cool about it (I think annoyed, but cool) but I feel it's only right to change my screen name to lessen the confusion and to show the respect.  

I am looking for a GOOD name -- I know how "creative" some of you like to get.  Also, if it's clean and works I'll use it for my fight AKA as well.  

So, without further ado, let's see what you've all got.


Fearless Goat Fan works....JK!


TTT for more

bwahaha! Sounds like when Lober wanted to beat Machine May for taking his unoriginal nickname.

"thJET's whipping boy" is available.

There is someone else on here with the name MACHINE and also FREEMAN. did i ask them to take their name off?

nope... cant see why he is stressing to be honest!

LOL @ other aircraft references.  You guys are damn clever.

Thanks Ian.


How about "The Jet-but not Rick Roufus"

The Shuttle

The Rocket, but then Roger Clemens might come after you

At least give me a cool aircraft reference like the F-4 Scorpion or something.  I don't want to go to an MMA show and have it go like this....

Now entering the Cage at 5'10 1/2" and 175 lbs......

Benjamin "The CrrrrrooooopppppDuuusssstttterrrrrr" Glossop


I am open to possibilities outside of the plane realm too :) 


Is that it?

And here I thought you were Benny "the Jet" Urquidez.

I'm with RONIN on this. Do you think Benny ever called Rick to get him to reconsider his nickname?

ben "the jet" glossop? that's awful.

It really all began because of the Original Benny "The JET".  My old buddies from college started it.

Rick was not upset or mean, I could just tell that he didn't want to explain to all of his students that the posts were not his.

As for personal traits... I used to be a firefighter (7 years) and one of  my friends told me I should use Benny "The BLAZE".... cause I'm upredictable like a blazing fire.... LOL.

So far, I like "The GLOCK"


Phantom Jet

The Alpha Jet

The Jet Intruder

Spitfire Jet

Crusader Jet

FreeStyle Jet

Jet Raptor

The Jet Mirage

Jet Mig

NightHawk Jet

The Tornado Jet


"I used to be a firefighter "



The Extinguisher


The Jetsons


Jet Lag

Jet Li