I need a pep talk.

Anyone have any tips on staying motivated to train in the face of an injury? I am a ju-jitsu hobbiest at the blue belt level and I have a seperated shoulder, 6 months - 1 year recovery period. Thanks, mega-hurts.

dont roll if your still injured...there is nothing you can do but wait

do a lot of steroids, it will help your shoulder. PLus you'll be so pissed, you will really want to train

Valetudo is correct to a point//

In 2000 when I was training my hardest I dislocated my shoulder and have to have part of my collarbone removed from a failed takedown attempt.. I was depressed.. But full recovery 6 months? It will come and go!..

You can probably start conditioning much sooner than that so CONCENTRATE on that..plan for the day your are gonna roll and remember it everday, run hike, jog, cycle, lifet weights with your legs, develope your lower body, do hip escapes with no arms, squat, DIET, kick, just keep going dammit, you are not thru by a long shot. Have the mutherfuckin eye of the god damn tiger and train other things man

good luck


enjoy the pain killers and focus on somthing else...legs, abs and cardio

train, I dislocated my throwing arm in high school and slightly tore the rotator cuff. 2 weeks later I was back playing QB in 5A football in Louisiana in an offense that thre the ball nearly 30 times a game.

Sorry to hear that. Take special care of yourself.. maybe you will heal faster. It really sucks not to be able to train. Good luck with a speedy recovery. Really.


Always mix alcohol with your meds.

Hi, I've recently tore the ac in shoulder.

I kept myself on a strict diet still tho and have been doing hill sprints and a lot of visualisation of techniques, I've taken some time off training and when I got back my cardio had improved and my game was pretty much where I left off.

yea take some time off and just watch instructionals it will spark your motivation.

colen have you checked out the book Taoism?

two words for yah. cortzone shot. Just kidding - listen your body, heal and train smart. Injuries require patience - especially in this game. Also, see if you can train around it