I need all the lingo

Please someone help me with all the abreviations. I am new to this whole thing. If you use an acronym please list it.



i.e. What is TTT?

If that's the truth I'm going to use them all the time.

Uuuuuum, it is actually Twinkle Toes Trigg

to the top

KKM is some old ass troll who got ran off the board (although ive heard thousands of answers in reagards to this.

dp/pp (mostly seen on the OG) donkey punch/post pics.

whats a donkey punch you say?? well sir start a thread on the OG asking what it is....

theres others but ive been workin now for 13 hours and am tired as shit.....


ttt = that's the truth

lol = lathers on labia


"lol = lathers on labia"

oh sheesh, I have been using LOL that like soap........... 


rolling on the floor laughing my fuckin ass off

WTF = what the fart...........

& if they try to tell ya different, ignore them.

Thanks Texas thai.

very helpful.

Although, I've heard of DP. Hell, I've DP'd mrzipplokk dozens of times.