I need your help for an idea I have

  In case some of you guys haven't noticed, I'm a numbers guy.

I know there is fightmetric.com that measures punches/takedowns/submission attempts etc....

That is a good idea but obviously has some flaws.

My idea, is a bit more basic than that but it's team oriented.

I would like to start tracking "team/camp" wins so that every quarter(every 3 months) we can see what camps reign at the top.

For example

Team Jackson

Kings MMA

Extreme Couture



Ceasar Gracie

Golden Glory



Those are some of the elite teams that have multiple top level fighters who fight for major promotions.  Now I understand that some camps are bigger than others and some camps have fighters fight more often, but that is where percentages would come into play and I think if I could track the teams with the win/losses for those teams, we would have a fairly good way to track what teams are truly at the top.

I first would need to have all the teams as the ones I mentioned were just off the top of my head and I'm sure I'm leaving a few out.

2nd and most importantly(and difficult, but collectively the UG should be able to help me with this) are the team members of each camp.

I appreciate your help in advance.

 interesting idea... a few weeks ago I was thinking about making a thread that listed all the camps and who trains where...I realize it's hard because fighters spend time at different camps, but I still thought it would be cool.

Do it, sounds interesting to me - good luck Phone Post

 I will do the tracking, but first I have to get the teams fighters.

I need volunteers to list fighters for:

Team Jackson

Kings MMA

Extreme Couture



Ceasar Gracie

Golden Glory



That's nine UG members and if there are any mistakes, there are literally hundreds of UG members eager to point out mistakes or fighters left out :)

Best thing to do would probably try to go to Wikipedia and get a list for each camp and then correct as needed. This is what they had for Jackson's:

Georges St-Pierre (UFC)
Jon Jones (UFC)
Gina Carano (Strikeforce)
Nate Marquardt (BAMMA)
Clay Guida (UFC)
Keith Jardine (Strikeforce)
Karo Parisyan (UFC)
David Loiseau (Tachi Palace Fights)
Joey Villasenor (Shark Fights)
Jason MacDonald (UFC)
Julie Kedzie (American Fight League)
Brian Stann (UFC)
Carlos Condit (UFC)
Shane Carwin (UFC)
Joe Stevenson (UFC)
Donald Cerrone (UFC)
Yoshihiro Akiyama (UFC)
Leonard Garcia (UFC)
Andrei Arlovski (Strikeforce)
Roger Huerta (Bellator)
Melvin Guillard (UFC)
Diego Sanchez (UFC)

off the top of head


Josh thompson

Cain Velasquez

Daniel Cormier

Cung Le

Luke Rockhold

Mark Ellis

John Fitch

Kyle Kingsbury

Josh Koscheck

Mike Kyle

King Mo

Mike Swick

Justin Wilcox

Some guys train at multiple camps... What would you do in that case? Phone Post

 I forgot team nogueira and as far as guys training in multiple camps, I guess I would give a half a point for each gym as long as it's 2 gyms.

I've been looking into this and it seems very hard to do as I can't say for sure if GSP trains at Greg Jacksons, or Tristar Gym. 

Sherdog has this http://www.sherdog.com/stats/fightstats/teamwinrecords_ratio But I was hoping to have it broken down quarterly or yearly.

I will look back into this after UFC 137 and see if it's easier to do after the events.


Active students

Jessica Aguilar
Thiago Alves
Calib Archer
Mirsad Bektic
Mike Bernhard
Mike Brown
Brian Bowles
Byron Byrd
Mike Bruno
Steve Bruno
Emyr Bussade
Roan Carneiro
Nathan Coy
Dan Cramer
Nicolae Cury
Rafael Dias
Yves Edwards
Kimbo Slice
Luigi Fioravanti
Marcelo Garcia
Wilson Gouveia
Jonatas "Tagarela" Gurgel
Bubba Jenkins
Sabah Homasi
Dan Hornbuckle
Mark Hunt
Sirwan Kakai
Cristiano Kaminishi
Denis Kang
Bobby Lashley
Hector Lombard
Waylon Lowe
Chris Manuel
Carmelo Marrero
Jorge Masvidal
Charles McCarthy
Cole Miller
Micah Miller
Jeff Monson
Brad Pickett
Joe Ray
Rafael Rebello
J.P. Reese
Mario Rinaldi
Paul Rodriguez
Alessio Sakara
Ben Saunders
Thiago Silva
Jose Figueroa
Rodrigo Ramos
Din Thomas
Ryan Thomas
Gleison Tibau
Alexis Vila
Tyron Woodley

 Ok I was going to do this but it's harder than I expected. If I am going to do it I will have to really narrow down what fights get counted as team wins.

For example UFC 137 the first fight I was researching was Clifford Starks repping Arizona Combat Sports. He beat Dustin Jacoby from "Finney's Hit Squad" where Clifford is the only fighter outta Arizona Combat Sports who would fight in a "big show", nobody else on that team does.  Jacoby's "Finney's HIT Squad" is apparently the only member.

I will research futher about UFC/SF fights that are on tv or ppv only as I am hoping that fighters who make it on the big show to be aired on tv or ppv will have strong supporting teams worth my while to stat track.

 I like this idea-  

A couple years back I had an idea that it would be cool to have a Website where you could not only look up fighter records, but, also look up their physical stats and compare fighters side-by-side.

It would be an interactive format, once the mouse scrolled over a fighters arms, it would give the length of their arm, if a hand was scrolled over, it would give dimensions of a fighters fist as well as their glove size.

This would basically be extended to every measurable part of the body (beep) so that when comparing fighters, people could really get a sense of the size differences.

However, forum member RickStorm concluded that not only was this an incredibly daunting task but unreasonably expensive while at the same time not even slightly lucrative.