I put 70 $ on Kondo!!!

i am disgusted of thois bullshit decision.

I am not gonna bet anymore on a Pride event for a long time. until i see that they have learn to judge a fight.

Fuck them!!!

anyway still better that UFC

the other bet i have done was on Jens. last time i bet based on what people on this forum are saying.

I was feeling on my mind that Gomi was better but i took the opinion of dumb people in this forum.

a bad night for me.

No escort girl for this week!!!

"kondo and you were robbed"

i know and i want my money back

I was going to put some money on Kondo, but felt they were too evenly matched to be really confident of a Yuki win. I also thought if it went the distance (likely, since Nogueira is the only one ever to finish Dan) that it would be Henderson getting the nod.

The only fights I bet on were Rulon (won) and Anderson Silva -- I am really amazed that he lost this fight, I wouldn't normally bother betting on a heavy favorite but I was 100% sure he was going to win.

i feel raped right now!!!

Who were you listening to? If you asked me, I would have told you to bet on Hendo, Rulon, and Gomi, and you would have won some $$.

You just listened to the wrong people.

thanks Jyon...it was the first time i listenned to peoples on the forum

My last 15 bets, i won 13 of them i have choosen myself.

u and kondo got screwed. although i suppose a healthy dan woulda won...

ttt for my money