I received my yellow belt in sambo

I train at Ultimate Sambo in Warwick, NY, under Vladislav Koulikov. I know that traditionally in sambo there is no belt ranking system, but Vlad implemented one for our school. Today I had to test for my yellow belt, which is the next belt above white. I did great. I have been training in sambo since September of last year and I love it! Before I began sambo I was a varsity wrestler in high school. I was a little nervous before the test because it seemed like a lot of techniques that I had to do properly. But once I started going, everything started coming together and I did awesome. The test was basic because it was a white belt test. It consisted of Break Falls, Rolls, Body Movement, Breaking Balance, Blocks, Strikes, Kicks, Throws, Positions, Guard Breaks, Submissions, Formal Self Defense, Application Of Self Defense, Chokes and Escapes. The fact that I received my yellow belt has really given me motivation to train even harder. I am hoping to compete in as many grappling and sambo tournaments as possible this year. I am glad that I have an awesome sambo school to train at and an awesome instructor to train under.

cool, way to go



Congrats and keep training!

Congratulations TIMMYDOME!

Keep it up tiger :) I don't see anything wrong with implementing a grading system (ie. belts) if it motivates you to kick more ass!

I have done sambo too but have never seen a match. Any place on the web to see part of a match?



You must have done well to have come away from a white belt test with a yellow belt in a system that only exists in your gym.


Judo/Sambo comin' at ya

There´s striking in Sambo?

LOL reminds me of a certain someone who entered a Gi tournament wearing a black gi and a yellow belt and ended up leglocking everyone ......memories....as Vlad about that one.....lol still cracks me up,looked like a damn bumble bee

Its a good idea, from a business standpoint, to implement a belt system. it helps attract soccer mom and kids which is what pays the bills. It doesnt mean the art has to suffer or anything

The test itself sounds like a McDojo test to me... that along with the "implemented own belt system" and the name "Ultimate Sambo" makes me veeeeery suspicious...

Vlad is for real when it comes to Sambo he has done a ton of grappling matches and fought MMA he is tough as nails and allways fights good guys Nakapan , "Drago" Sell , Scarola.

I am not a fan of belt systems but I can understand how some people would find them helpfull in focusing on short term goals.

One thing is for certain Vlad is not a Mcdojo kind of instructor


much props to you and vlad - i was impressed with his fight against nakaphan.

Don't pay attention to the haters, keep training and doing well. You are very lucky to have a coach like him, in a good system.

Timmydome, congrats to you. Keep up the good work.

"What makes this any different than getting stripes on your BJJ belt???"

When I first started BJJ we didn't have stripes at all. My instructor barely remembered to give us our belts, he just didn't think they were important. But a lot of people don't want to train like that, they want something tangible. Belts/stripes are not a bad thing, as long as they are earned.

Congrats on earning the yellow.

congrats bro