I reffed Tanner/Okami

I have reffed hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of fights.In any fight I reff I don't usually care who wins but I am an "Old guy" so I was kinda hoping the "Old guy could pull it out when I reffed the UFC 82 fight w/ Evan & Okami . I just watched the DVD of the fight & I remember when I had to step in & stop the fight it kinda bothered me a lot. I didn't pay much attention to it but now looking back at his ups & downs in life it really bothers me because he was such a great guy. I remember how polite he was while I was going over the Ohio rules (same as Nevada) w/ him. I am glad I got to know him for that small time in life.WAR TANNER............

keep your head up, pa!!


Tanner was the best

Jeez, Thank U for sharing, Mark.


Mark hope things are going good for you! It has been a long time, thanks for sharing and Hit me up sometime my brother.

ttt -great story, thx....

I am a former student of David Terrell and I'll admit that I was a pretty upset when Tanner beat him. I already had a great deal of respect for Tanner before that fight, but I actually became a big fan of his after it. The way he carried himself and the way he was so open about battling his demons made it feel like I knew him personally. He will be missed by this fan.

mark should be a regular UFC ref

very very very solid ref

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Mark's a much appreciated forum member. Nice post.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings Mark.

RIP Evan

RIP Evan

Thanks for sharing Mark.   RIP Tanner.

Mark should replace Dan M. AND Cecil Peoples!

Mark is an awesome ref. I was just watching the fight between Jason Black and Matt Grice on my computer. Any other ref would've probably stopped the fight on two different occasions but Mark let them both fight it out.
RIP Tanner.


You guys are too kind .........