I represent Joe Six Pack

Even though I don't drink I represent the ideal of Joe Six pack.there have been numerous threads lately about what we need to get mainstream and the problem is that there are too many peopel to cater too.if you come from a grappling style than you like the technichal aspect of the game.if you come from a striking style you liek a good technichal standup war.

I come from a grappling style but after my wrestling skills failed me I started taking muay thai and now I get bored with AdCC and want to see some peopel get beat down.

I represent the few that want to see the Tank Abbots in the sport.I like short fights.I don't want to see two guys hug on the fence for 25 minutes only to have some mathematicians tally the score.

I want to see two guys bang it out until one falls down.I want to see more fights like Tank/Nelmark, cabbage/Alvarez, Kohler/Judson, Penn/Uno,Baroni/Menne, Smith/Morris,Sylvia/Magee,Orlovski/Vladdy,Weir/Jackson, Hendo/Busta

I'm the guy that thinks fights liek Lindland/Vitali, Ricco/Rizzo,Baroni/Lindland and Rizzo/Vladdy are actually what is bad for the sport and tends to bore the hell out of people.I actually had people leave my house during Ricco/Noguiera because they were so bored

I'm the type of guy that actually likes watching Bob Sapp because even though he is not the most technichal guy in the world he has never been in a boring fight.

Is there anyone else on this forum that agrees with me?

Oh I agree, the ground game can bore the hell out of guys who dont understand it. Everyone understands a kick in the head or a punch in the mouth.

However by the same token watching two guys walk around in circles all night throwing a few shots here and there also bores me.

I would love to see more San sho (sp?) on TV I think that slowly MMA will develop into more of a San Sho style fight with stand up aspects along with throws and take downs. You cant remove the ground game totaly becase then you loose some of the reality of it all.

Oh Absolutely,I hate technichal striking as well.Fights like Uno/Penn2 and Pulver/Uno need to go. Lawler/Lytle even started to get old after a while.

Maybe they need a smaller octagon to keep them from running so far

This is barely on subject, but how big is the octagon?

Everyone should start watching golf then. :)

Why should everyone start watching golf,that is even more boring than ground fighting?