I sh1t you not.......

Was what my wife said when she called me....

"I shit you not, Joe BUGNER is on Family Fued wearing an XFC shirt"

guess he likes the threads, didn't cost me a cent :D

On now Tues April 4th.


I wonder if Bert is into MMA. He would probably be a huge fan of Mark Coleman....they both have massive heads. I know if I had a massive head id be a fan of Coleman.

Shit this has been a long day at work.

I still remeber Joe out the back congratulating Kyle on his fight with Matt Teepa on XFC. He genuinely loves the sport and respects the fighters.

That's awesome, good work Joe!

'a XFC shirt on Family Fued", geez the prizes are getting cheap these days :P

well no one was ever going to mistake him for einstein...

I saw it Justin, i was going to call you today and let you know, its pretty cool i think. Good too see Big Aussie Bugner doing his bit for the sport! Would of been nice if the host asked him what the shirt was all about!

"When asked... "What is a word rhyming with Ship?" ..Joe replies..."Sail !!!" "


" When asked... "What is a word rhyming with Ship?" ..Joe replies..."Sail !!!" "

I was downstairs playing my shiny new xbox when I heard that, and when I play xbox, I concentrate and block everything out (don't even bother trying to talk to me). Somehow, that line managed to break through my impenetrable gaming forcefield and I nearly had a heart attack I was laughing so hard.