I think Thiago Silva will beat Machida

Am I the only one?

Thiago is wild, but I still see him taking this one. IMO you need to force Lyoto to scrap and not stand outside and pick you apart/counterstrike. It might not be pretty, but I think Thiago brings a skill set that matches up very well with Lyoto!!

I don't count Thiago out at all, he's a tough opp. 4 anyone.

 This fight is damn tough to call

Thiago is aggressive and active, which should make for an exciting matchup

Lyoto's ground game looks solid so far from what we've seen, but he hasn't been tested yet IMO

I will never bet against Lyoto until someone exposes him, but I think Thiago is going to be a hellish matchup for him

i fuckin hope so man, i love watchin thiago, he brings it everytime no bullshittin haha

Thiago is very dangerous after he's been rocked. If Lyoto drops him....be careful.

Almost everyone thought Machida would lose almost every fight he had, now that everyone seems to think he may never lose, yeah I guess he'll lose.

OmegaPoon -  He will have nothing for Lyoto.


I actually see this fight as being Machida first KO victory.

Thiago has a glass chin.

Thiago will gas and then Machida picks him apart.

I'm a big Thiago fan, but I think that Lyoto picks him apart and drops him in round 2, finishing him with a sub.

OmegaPoon -  He will have nothing for Lyoto.

That is my thought as well.

Machida hasn't shown any weakness that I could see Thiago exploit.

Thiago is a solid fighter but technically he is not close to Machida standing or on the ground.

I expect Machida to finish Thiago in the 2nd round.

 I think machida will take it

Machida by actually being a vastly superior fighter.

I see it being much like Soko v Machida honestly. Machida seems to really do great against aggressive opponents.

I think the better question is who will beat Machida at LHW?

Lyoto's got a big advantage in the standup, IMO. Thiago's shown himself to be kinda sloppy against much less technical fighters than Machida. However, Thiago's gnp and top game look more impressive/devastating to me. The question is, can he take Lyoto down? The AKA guys have said Machida's TD defense is great.

I was right!!!

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sureshock - I was right!!!

Where's my cookie?!?!?!

Wow, you really bumped this?

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sureshock - I was right!!!

Where's my cookie?!?!?!

Wow, you really bumped this?

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