I thought guida vs maynard was a good fight

Not the best fucking fight I ever seen but definetly entertaining Phone Post

I bet you hated Shogun vs Hendo Phone Post

If you thought itwas entertaining than it was because of Gray, Guida deserves no credit.

Cruz Faber was the same thing. One guy dances. The other guy watches. Phone Post

I just think that if you watch guida's last couple they werent exciting cuz of him but cuz his opponents tried so hard to make him fight Phone Post

MPC916 - Cruz Faber was the same thing. One guy dances. The other guy watches. Phone Post

Phone Post

Ban Phone Post

caught the first 2 rounds, fucking ridiculous shit from Clay as usual.

Went to Mos Def. Fucking sick. Just came home.... FUCKING SICK.

Just finished the rest of the fight, and let me tell you how disapointed I am I will never get that time back, time I could have spent masturbating. It's 3:55 am FFS Guida you fuck. He thinks I want to see a god damn grown man wearing FUCKING BOWS IN HIS HAIR bounce around and be EXTREME fo half a fucking hour. I don't know if it's fighter bashing to say I hate that dude because of his style, but fuck I hate that guy.

Gray, I am sorry to say, was not much better. If a guy wants to play a certain type of game, YOU HAVE TO FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Granted, dropping his hands and blocking with his lips was pretty fucking awesome. But pretty much the highlight of the WHOLE 25 MINUTES. Maybe, I dunno, try moving backwards too? Force him to engage? But no, just keep plodding forward and take 30 fucking minutes to realize you are too slow to corner Guida and box him up.


Rest of the card was sweet tho. Fuckin Ebersole man, that guy is a fucking shaved gorilla from the future, he has learned our ways and has travelled back in time to fuck us up for all the shit we do to mokeys.

Espn finished recording before the end of the fight on my sky box. Sounds like I should be pleased. Phone Post