I wanna know if u leve one academy

to train at another if u think it is wrong and disrespectful to you instructors.

i feel really sick, so i hope you don't mind if i puke in this thread and totally disrespect you!

fuk u

stop being mean ;(

Didnt someone just post this same exact thread a couple days ago?

I dont think its disrespectful, but im sure they wont feel that great about you leaving....If I ran a buisness and someone stopped using my services to use someone elses, I would feel bad to an extent.

BTW, i have left so many schools it doesnt even faze me anymore, amd most instructors get over it.

ya im sure thats what will happen but he wasnt just my insrtuctor we became realy close friends

Train wherever the hell you like, if you pay the money, you select where you want to train.

I agree, but i am getting more loyal to wear I train versus going to the best school.

If I am appreciated and wanted at a school, I can care less if its not the best....I tend to go take "training vacations" anyway and go train with people I have always wanted to train with, and bring that knowledge back to my school to help make them better.

thats the way i feel

Do what makes you happy....life is short...also relationships and friendships are probably one of the most important things and life....and they will still be around even when your done fighting.

thanks i feel better now