I want my 45 minutes of action!

Anyone notice how the fights ended with 45 minutes available in the PPV? How did it happen, that we decided to eat the increased price, ALONG WITH the loss of fights?! The opening fights that were not shown totalled less than 15 minutes of action, and despite the fact that the UFC had 45 minutes they could have used, they didn't even give us a recap.

It is in the UFC's BEST INTREST to show those fights. Everyone is hyped from the earlier fights, and it gives a chance to showcase the guys who could be fighting in the future. Yes, I know they will probably be shown on Unleashed at a later date, but at least a recap. The new prices would be easier to swallow if I was still getting my moneys worth.

I think I will just go with my friends grab-sat from now on, or download it the next day. Why support an org that doesn't support me.

Ya it's kind of frustrating when the show goes off the air with plenty of time left. Not sure what they get out of it really? Plus like you said the prelims were all pretty sure fights.

Anyone know why they do that? There must be a reason, and no it's not because Dana is the devil.

I for one am not ordering any more PPVs until this shit is fixed. I have been ordering every one, for quite a while now, and now that they are every month, AND they raised the prices to $40!! Fuck that shit. I will just chip in a few bucks and watch at a friends or have him bburn it to a DVD and watch it the next day. I can't belive they didn't show more than ONE pre-lim, with over 45 minutes of PPV time left. The excuse was always there wasn't enough time to show all the fights, well fuck that shit, they could have showed all the undercards probably at least once!

I won't be buying every UFC PPV as I did in the past, maybe once in a while, but from now on it's the group route!

"you'll just have to buy the dvd.. sucka"

ahhh, true that

I'll download it. It's just a matter of waiting. Wiating to see all the fights is what the UFC is making me do already, so why pay forty bucks for that?

Pride shows every fight if they can. I'll give my money to them.

Praise the UFC for all they have done for the UFC...

i always get pissed the ppv jips us out of prelim fights, but shows us plenty of commercials and extra filler

As far as I can remember when Karo/Thompson was finished there were only like 10-15 minutes left in the broadcast.

Slondeau, I agree with you 110%!!! The time is there, give us at least a recap of what happened. I have bought every UFC PPV since May 2000 I believe and the price has now doubled and I actually felt lucky that I was able to see one of the prelim fights. Not to mention that they're holding PPV much more frequently now, it's getting pricey to be an MMA fan. I didn't even order the last Pride because of all the money I'm spending on UFC.

the blood was from karos opponent

Yeah... that is the way it goes. Don't have an opinion, or a free thought, or even think to ask for something better. Just take the shit you are given and pipe down like a good little lamb.

word....give it up Dana



"i always get pissed the ppv jips us out of prelim fights"

Me too, but let's not take it out on the innocent gypsies.


It's not the money. $40 a month isn't that much. But the fact is, there are plenty of other ways to see these fights. Download, Grab Sat, Youtube... I usually don't go that way because I wanted to support the sport. I am just feeling less and less loyal to the UFC now. I'll support the little guy now. It won't be until they get some decent competition in the US that they will stop taking advantage of their position.