I want to hear you say something..

"Zoo Jitzu! Zoo Jitzu! Zoo Jitsu!..." Quadros fail.

Fuck The OG.

Steven Quadros interviewing Jaycare post fight, forgetting he wasn't getting a pet to do an amusing trick.

I bet even a Stephen Quadros fail trumps the average UG member's success.

Quadros is the worst. He seems to try so hard to sound intelligent. Mauro Ranallo is just as bad. It's fucking amazing how bad they are. Pat Miletich is the only one for SForce that is good. Plus... Quadros has some of the yellowest teeth I've ever seen on TV.

OK Jacare... I am going to turn the crank on this organ grinder... and you are going to do silly little tricks for the amusment of anglos everywhere.... Wait.... have your manager hold a tin cup as well... ready?

Fucking embarrasing.

Quadros seemed a little off Satuday. 

Quadros and Renallo are horrible.
I have a hard time watching an event they are broadcasting with the sound on.
Quadros loves to self promote himself...."when i was calling the Fedor vs blah blah fight in pride..." etc. Drives me nuts.
Plus he looks like a cross between Kevin Bacon and Skeletor.

Makes you appreciate how good Rogan and Goldie are (despite Goldies frequent retarded statements...but thats what makes Goldie Goldie, haha)

Quadros fucking rules!
Mauro on the other hand should have his vocal cords removed.

Miletich should be the color guy and they should hire a new play-by-play guy. I never understood the love for Quadros or Mauro.

cytribe - "Zoo Jitzu! Zoo Jitzu! Zoo Jitsu!..." Quadros fail.

+1. Agreed... pretty annoying.