I want to know Fontaines diet!

He eats former UCC Canadian Champs for breakfast!

Like all Manitobans his diet consits of hay and snow with sprinkles of cold for seasoning.

he does not have a special diet he just eats clean and trains for hours on end, cardio bjj and kickboxing every day

Krzysztof, you look like you eat people for breakfast, lunch and supper. I saw you down in Lethbridge. You look f*ckin' scary dude.

That's a compliment. Just in case I ever see you again and you manage to find out who I am.

Fontaine eat's Mad Dogs

Thanks MasterDebater, i might be there for thr next roadhouse rumble, march 20, i am not sure yet because i have a fight lined up in fargo, about 3 hours away the same day. I have improved greatly.

Fontaine uses the Hollywood juice diet. LOL Its funny cuz its true.

Chris if you read this, its Dominic's wedding social this Saturday at the Barca club. Let's go there then maybe somewhere else later.

I thought you moved very well for 260(actually moved well for a guy weighing 220). very relaxed and technical. I think you could have won that fight if you would have thrown more punches. Jay said you only connected flush with one punch but he could barely talk after the fight because of it.

befor the fight i only had 1 week of stand up experiance, for the past 3 months i have been working with joe doerkson and lance and a few other, i have been getting my but kick left and right,but improving every day, i just had a fight in Iowa and i knocked out my opponent in 20 sec i am down to about 247 lbs, i was told that jason was a stand up fighter so i wanted to take it to the ground. there might be a rematch, and if there is things will be alot diffrent

fever, I think Fontaine said he's playing hockey this weekend, so I don't think he'll make the social. If it's any consolation, I will be there. I know I'm not as pretty, but I promise to take a shower before going, so at least I'll smell nice.


I will be at the social too. Also lookin pretty but unshowered and stinky to deter the unwanted advances of Munduruca and Doerksen.

Wombat, Kowalski, Glenn, LOZ and other Wpg forum members. Are You going to go?

And Big Kryszszzszs gimme the details of that 20 second fight man.

I'm in the Drake computer lab at the u of m studying for an exam and theres this girl standing by the printers that could easily be an asian porn star. My exam is in a few hours! I don't need this kind of distraction!

Just needed to share this with someone.

I was talking to Fontaine's family last weekend and they mentioned that Fontaine played Junior A hockey. What level of hockey is he playing now?

Fontaine just plays hokcey for fun now, he is trying to introduce "Kness to the face" in hockey fights.....

Thanks. It was nice meeting you and Chris over the weekend. I'm glad we had that chat in the airport.

Yeah man, thx for letting us use a cell phone!