I was shown the 10-finger guilhout

I know what move I'll be going for when I roll tomorrow :)

You mean to tell me I been doing the ten finger guillotine all along? This is upsetting and HUGELY anti-climatic to me. As a wrestler, I have always preferred the palm to palm grip. This is how I have always performed the guillotine. I have been waiting for so long to learn the secrets of the "ten-finger grip." What a huge let-down.

I guess it goes to show you that there are few secrets and so much just boils down to hard work.

The grip scuffler described is sometimes called the "Gable Grip." It's a good one too.




for the retard in here (me)
someone take the time out to explain the c grip? I cant ppicture exactly which on it is.

Just your standard wrestling palm to palm grip, for what I understand.


Look in the new "Black Belt" mag. I think Ken Shamrock`s doing the "10 finger guilhoutine" on page 30. well more of a neck crank, but I think that`s the grip.


I've read this post 100 times and I still dont get it. Someone give a detailed explanation plz!!

Thanks for the correction Rolls. That was
confusing me. This is a great hold & choke.
I always get a front headlock on guys &
didn't have ways to finish until learning
the 10 finger guillotine. Although Mark
Schultz shows great stuff that is similiar,
it is very difficult to finish a resisting
opponent with his version.

my pleasure Ryan

LOL JKD. I was too until he clarified.

If you use the C grip is it also possible to dig your thumb into the guys throat, if necessary.

Step 1: Thumb up

Step2 : Like an regular

PS: I swear to god this is the one and only Ten-finger
guilhoutine that pequeno uses. My instructor learned it from Liborio.

Oh my god Step one is wrong


step 1- youre right palm should face youre own stomach
and thumb up

step2- youre left hand faces HIS body thumb down

Everything else is correct

Is it a C-grip with fingers? If so it is the same grip as the Schultz Headlock as e. kaye said.

I always go to a greco grip (palm to palm) or the grip
Sperry showed in his submission wrestling series automatically. This one is just holding the wrist on the arm under the opponent's chin. I will try to use
the c-grip if in fact that's the correct way for a 10 finger guillotine.

YESSSSSSS it is the c-grip( i have tried to find a word for that grip ).

It is the real 10-finger guilhotine.

it is real good.


1.When you mean squeeze, can you be a little more specific? Elbows to my body, pulling with my arm (thumb down side), pulling with arm around neck, pulling up to my chin, arch back(it doesn't look like Nogueira arch back, though), push legs away and so on,etc.

2.Could this move be done without the arm included as well?

3.Also when I do the "C" grip, do my elbows point away from my body?


If you are on your back, you want to stretch the guy out. So you wrap him in closed guard and puch away with your legs and arch. The arch should not have to be much. Anyone else.

"1- Your'e right handpalm must be turned so it can face his body."....How the hell do you turn your palm to face his body???????????

"3- now put youre hands on each other and hold you're hands with ten fingers"...........Is there anyonther way to hold your hands than with 10 fingers?? I mean LOL. What is the grip exactly?


1- You dont need to squeeze much, just move your hips away from the arm that is choking him. If you are choking with the right arm, Move youre hips left.

2- YES But is much better with the arm in( move the hips)

3- Never point away. Close to youre body.


1-That was the wrong way I correcterd the grip down the thread

2-It is a C-grip( your hands formed like this