I will be posting gifs of UFC on FOX in here.

I will be posting them as fast I can while still enjoying the fights. So they wont be immediate il do them inbetween fights if possible. if not inbetween prelims, and the main card then the main card after.





Im posting this now because I don't want people complaining you are adults I clearly state leave now if you don't want spoilers. 

il post all the gifs in the op once im finished but they will be through out the thread while im watching. 




10 minutes!

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Siver pham

Trujilio marcus

Cruishank martinez

proctor nijem

Assuncao easton

yves vs stephens

swick brown

ROry bj

Shogun gustaffson

nate vs bendo

Ttt Phone Post

Awesome. Will VTFU later :D Phone Post

will vtfu NOW!!


I will be voting up everyone that keeps this thread alive. 



can anyone link me to the youtube prelims in case the facebook ones mess up and I lose a feed?

RobinHood - 

A gif of a surprised Britney caught playing with her phone (guilty look) and try's to act interested. Phone Post


I'm still trying to find the youtube feed....


Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye - 

I'm still trying to find the youtube feed....


same here ive been checking every youtube feed they have. nothing. it would really help if anyone finds it

Have a blast. Phone Post

Loser Born Natural - 

Have a blast. Phone Post


Sub. Phone Post

In for gifs, also couldn't find youtube stream

it starts in 15. fb should be fine let me know if you guys find anything!

RobinHood - 


Not checked but never lets me down for most things. Phone Post

I wouldn't post streams to that stuff on the ug bro

Oh will you? I'll be back... Phone Post

Cool. I've been making gifs in the discussion threads but I won't be home most of the night. Will help if I get back in time.

http://www.fuel.tv/ufc/events/henderson-vs-diaz/ a Fuel.TV stream

time got pushed back 10 min to 4:30, still nothing...

Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye - 

time got pushed back 10 min to 4:30, still nothing...