I will expose Arlovksi's glass jaw

Quote from Werdum from his interview on ufc.com

I see this fight being similar to Arlovski vs Pe De Pano.

This is really do or die for Arlovski, if he loses, he'll be so far away from ever regaining his title in the UFC that he may just as well go to KOTC. Same goes for Tito's next fight, but at least Tito has such a big name in the US that he can pull a Tank or Ken, get beat up most of the time and still have people interested in his fights.

why is that funny?

seriously, what I mean is that Werdum will try to take Arlovski down, fail, pull guard, and then take heavy punches from below.....

that's not too unrealistic.

Werdum is miles beyond Cruz as an MMA fighter. I'd imagine he'll win by
submission though.

werdum by sub rd 1

I think he did once, but Arlovski escaped, then he tried again and failed and then pulled guard. I'll have to watch it again.

I just think Arlovski is stronger than Werdum and he will cause him trouble.

I pick Arlovski via TKO.

Arlovski by whatever he wants, preferably by a TKO straight to BJJ Nuthuggery's Jaw.

i think arlovski poses the kind of speed fabricio hasn't yet quite seen. having said that, fabricio has faced soem serious competition in PRIDE and for years was training striking with cro cop. i think fabricio can take a punch and has been working on his striking so that he is not only comfortable against other stirkers, but he is now also comfortable exchanging with them as well. make no mistake, fabricio knows his game is the ground and if givne the chance to take it there, he will.

fabricio by sub or judges decision.

i think arlovski poses the kind of speed fabricio hasn't yet quite seen. "

I'd imagine training with Crocop for years, as you pointed out yourself, means he has seen at least as much speed as Arlovski can show him.

I dunno, Werdum managed to hold his own standing against Kharitinov
who isn't necessarily as good a striker as Arlovski, but I think he'll be able
to stand long enough to go for the takedown.

I think Werdum does slightly better than Pe De Pano.. He's trained with Crocop so his standup defense will be a little better.. His ground game is offensive enough to submit Andrei. I think this is a wild card of a fight. I wouldn't bet money on it.

Pastafarian, I misread, I thought it said Werdum was miles "behind" as an mma fighter

"Werdum's submission game in MMA is so much better than PDP's that you can't even compare them. He is also stronger, faster and more athletic."


zentsov fought aa ???

when ???

@ a victor torn - !!! i didnt know that , cheers for the info

"I just think Arlovski is stronger than Werdum and he will cause him trouble."

great reason to think AA will give Werdum trouble, cause he's stronger???  you don't 'think maybe technique/skills or something along those lines would be the reason for that?

Why would you say he has a glass jaw? When was it exposed? I know he lost to that other Russian who is nuttier than squirrel shit but when has he been down other than that? Getting dropped by Rizzo? No shame in that, Pedro has very heavy hands. Sylvia? As much as I hate the guy and how goofy he looks, I'm sure he can get some mustard on those goofy looking shots being that he is like 6'10" and 265lbs.