I would like to see Rich Franklin

better than Tanner. Tanner got lit-up nasty.

Doesn't matter Terell is going to beat tanner then Franklin!

Top Scenario: 4-man tournament; Linland, Franklin, Terrell, Tanner

Second Best: Terrell-Tanner

This is excluding some other big names that don't actually fight for UFC. Terrell earned his shot in my book with the KO of Linland and Tanner needs no explanation, despite his head-to-head loss to Franklin, he has now worked his way up to being the top contender in UFC MW hands down.

Can't wait for this fight. Franklin will get his chance later and I also look forward to that.

terrell is good. he has done extremely well in sport grappling and he appears to have good hands. i think the ufc should put off the franklin vs. terrell fight as long as possible because both have legit claims to being the future of that weight class. why should the ufc burn up this mathch up so early