i would listen to this dude...


Because sometimes....SOMETIMES i believe in second chances.

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What an AWESOME story!

strangely enough, after the interview, the break room was missing misc items such as; packets of sugar, stir sticks, a few packets of ketchup, and of course, all the party napkins.


And I ALSO saw u almost bless ur new ride into the side of a parked car today.

Make sure reverse is in reverse. LoL

muther fuggers put REVERSE where 5th gear is. gdi!

ps. quit stalking me gdi!

If I was truly stalking u, I would've ate at the Alley instead of messican.

And your neck hair and peanits would've been standing up.

Nice car BTW, although I would've gone with black.

that's teh thing. everyone would go w/ black or yellow.

i have seen many yellow transformers of course, a few blues, many silvers, but only one black. And it had a flat black racing stripe that made it look PeeImp.

hasslehoff ruined black for me FOREVER. :(


Will work on it later LOL