Ian Schaffa v Hiroki Shishido

In a late change to the star studded Shootboxing Neo Opopoz series 3rd event at Korukuen Hall, Ian Schaffa has agreed to fight Hiroki Shishido on one weeks notice.

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This should be an incredible match. personally the only way I could see Ian losing is via a cut.

Ian is made for shootboxing with his standup and greco work he's gonna be a very exciting prospect in this arena. Shame that shootboxing is just not a big earner.

Dying to see this match!


With how hard Ian has been training lately it wouldnt suprise me one bit if he smashed Hiroki Shishido back to the stone age

He's fighting at a Thai Boxing show next month too, at the Hurstville Civic Center..

Ian will change that to Hurtsville.....

Good luck to Ian!

Wsant Shishido the -65kg S Cup champ?