IBF looking for live in student.


My name is Muhsin Corbbrey and I run a fight gym in Hilton Head Island, SC. We house professional & amateur competitors in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Jiujitsu & freestyle and greco roman wrestling. Our Jiujitsu program is an affiliate of Master Lloyd Irvin. Master Lloyd is one of the premier Jiujitsu Instructors and competitors in the US. Island Boxing's Muay Thai program is an affiliate of 4 time Muay Thai world champion Manu Ntoh. Manu is a legend in Thailand and one of the greatest coaches in the US.

IBF's facility includes a full fitness and cardio area, matted grappling room, boxing/kickboxing room with fullsize ring, thai bags, speed bags, etc... dorm area, shower, locker room.

IBF has an opening for one live in student that is willing to work hard and dedicate himself to the sport. For more information(cost,etc...)please email me at fightfitness@hotmail.com. Please only email me if you are serious.

Muhsin Corbbrey - Island Boxing & Fitness

Team Lloyd Irvin

Manu Ntoh Muay Thai





ttt for muhsin--Lloyd told me he was very impressed with you when you went to his school.



you have mail?


No experiance is needed. Just a strong will and the drive to be the best. I'll return emails to anyone that emails me.

Bill, thanks a lot bro. Master Lloyd made me feel like a white belt all over again. Joining his team is the best decision I have ever made.

Lawdymamma, I'm sure I'll see you soon I have a lot planned for this year!




RedDog, you have mail.


Yeah Baby this is it!

Thanks a million for the chance to do what I love, I will train like a mad man and will make my come back in 2004.

I felt it all coming together and I just knew things would work out, this will be my year..

Cant thank you enough...


Muhsin, give me a call when you get a chance...



The cannon maybe intrested!

I have trained with "The Shaman of Thai Boxing" Manu Ntoh extensively, he is one of the best in the WORLD and good friend.
"Iron Lion" Branden Lee Hinkle

too cool! TTT

TTT Sent email all ready!!


Muhsin,why haven't you had any fights lately? Do you have any planned in the near future? Thanks,Patrick

I will be in SC training at IBF by early Feb. Cant wait..