ICE March 12 Fairfield, OH

Who is fighting? I made another thread but it was deleted before I could check.

Neal Rowe is a badass. I'd like to make it out there for that one... any info on ticket prices?

I think it's $35.00 or $40.00

rowe put on a great performance in reality combat late last year. he is fun to watch.

some more fighters... for some of these guys its there first or second fights... others are vets.

Trevor Garret
Ron Fields
Mike Williams
Scott Zink
Rich Thurston
Maurice Walker
Jonathan Murphy
and few more.... like 14 fights in all

Ronald McDojo - shoot me an email

I am surprised that people on this forum don't realize that the infamous DANNY IVES is making his MMA debut on this card as well.


ttt for the ICE.. Monte and Kerry always through a great show!

Danny Ives is a freakin stud on the ground. I don't knwo about his MMA talents do to the fact its his first fight but damn he is tight on the ground. That shouldf be a great fight.

Does anyone know the card?

His ground skills are indeed off the hook...
He was also the morning ragdoll for Jens before the Gomi fight, and Matt Hughes currently throws him around the room to break a sweat during his workouts, so one can only hope he's picking up some tips and tricks along the way.

TTT for a very game Danny Ives

TTT for results