I'd like reiterate, my thanks:

This part seemed to be bypassed on one of my threads, basically I just want to say thanks:

to the fighters: For all the great bouts you've given us. For investing more then just your fighting abilities into this sport.

To the promoters: for keeping this thing going, for giving us the legends we currently have, and the ones yet to come.

to the fans: we are the most die-hard fans there will ever be. To be able to keep this sport alive during the dead days by sheer desire and using the internet into our medium.

To Kirik, sherdog and other boards: for giving us a venue to post our thoughts, our frustrations, helping to promote fighters and camps, even for the trolls as they bring out the passion in us that is what makes us different from other sporst fans.

To the guys who hold regular jobs and have families but still go train their asses off, and actually I'm sure there are alot of training partners of alot of our fighters that this applies to, as well as the fighters themselves.

to the families of the fighters, and the training partners for understanding why this is so important to us, whether we're fighters in a fledgling sport, training partners or just fans, the dedication it takes is a lot for most families to take.

you're welcome.

as are you


even though i'm a smartass, i'm as big a MMA fan as anyone else and just as appreciative.

ttt for those off this weekend.