I'd like to see Machida vs. Phil Davis.

Would be an exciting fight and a real test for Phil and also a perfect opponent for Lyoto to move up in to contention again.

Who's with me!?

StevetheWeasel - Would be a good match.

Would set the winner up for a shot against Tito for the belt.

why would tito be up for a 1 contender match after getting brutally ko'ed by rashad?

 I was thinking this would be Lyoto's next fight actually.

Once Phil heals up.

I think Davis only has a minor injury and he can fight again real soon he just dropped the rashad fight because he couldn't kickbox for a few weeks in his camp.

 Not me Davis would get knocked out imo his stand up isn't the greatest and Machida has good takedown defence not a good combo for Davis to go against


Who else is there for him to fight? Everyone else is already matched up.