Ideas to make the UFC more exciting.

After some fairly mediocre events over the last 12 months and an overall apathy emerging amongst fight fans I think the UFC needs to make some changes to their fight structure. Submit yours in this thread.

My 2 cents:

Make fights mean more by introducing a league or ranking system. Fights have become meaningless in some instances because there is no clear path to the top. Sometimes a guy goes on a streak, fans get behind him but never gets close to the title picture. Fans would back a person more over a period in time as he moves up the ranks and gets closer to a title shot. Make a proper league of it.

Second, we need to eliminate point fighting. I think penalising fighters via ref warnings and changing the points for rounds opens things up to more confusion and commission interference. Rather move to a points per win structure. If u win be decision u get one point. If u win by ko, tko or sub u get three points in the league. This makes fighting for the win way more important and eliminates point fighting.

Finally eliminate interim titles. If a champ can't fight the top two ranked guys based on the points system fight for the title. The champ gets an automatic title fight when they are fit to fight again.

What do you guys think? Phone Post

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Less shows, with more talent on each show... Phone Post

 change the pay structure and you make the product more exciting... continue to pay fightters like it's a boiler room operation and they will perform like it's one (high burn rate, stress, anxiety, etc...)

eliminate the game show fight of the night bonuses and make the show money at least 2/3rds of the fighters pay and you will improve the product.