"IF" Bones Jones Loses, What Will B the Excuses?

god's fault

"IF" Bones Jones Loses, What Will B the Excuses?

Had to fight Shogun one on one because god was too busy terrorizing the Japanese and wasn't able to be in the octagon with him

There won't be any excuses, he is supposed to lose. He is making a massive jump up in competition at only 23 years of age. It's not even a fair fight for him, he's going to get humbled.

BUT!!...If he manages to win that fight. Holy crap, that kid is legit.

Can't wait to find out how it all goes down.

Doesn't need excuses. He's inexperienced and has a lot to learn. But it certainly doesn't help that he took the fight on extremely short notice.

God wasn't good to him... Phone Post

I love fights like this because regardless of the outcome this place will be a crow eating contest tomorrow. Phone Post

I like how everyone tries to bring up the Machida fight to use as an example how he can go 5 rounds without gassing. You people do realize that it was mostly a stand up fight right? There's a big difference from going 5 rounds on the feet as opposed to going 3 or 4 carrying someone elses weight on top of you. Jones will take him down and have top control most of the fight. Can Shogun catch him on the feet before that happens or scramble to his feet once he gets put on his back? We will see...

role model -  A lot of you are gonna have some crow to eat tomorrow Phone Post
I am picking Jones to win, but you saying Shogun is over rated is the stupiest thing I have read on here in awhile.


Chuckles - I love fights like this because regardless of the outcome this place will be a crow eating contest tomorrow. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

I wouldn't say "regardless of the outcome". It's the Jones haters that are way more emotional about this fight. I haven't seen too many outlandish claims by Jones' fans. Jones isn't supposed to win this if you look at their experience level but I think he has the style and the athletic ability to pull it off. I think you will hear more out of the Jones haters no matter the outcome of the fight.

Just to be clear not all Shogun fans are necessarily a Jones hater. There have been many respectful Shogun fans but unfortunately they get overshadowed by all the hate going around lately...

Because rankings are based on wins and your record not odds and whats ifs you retard. 

1-1.... lol

Ok lets play that game, Jones lost to Hamill.

"Jokes on you I was only pretending to be retarded" - Role Model

OK I will try and explain.

Jones is ranked lower, because he doesn't have as many high ranked wins as Shogun. Shogun also just KOed undefeated Lyoto to take the belt. Thats how rankings work.  Not on who we think is better, ala the Overeem situation right now.I think Jones is probably better, but thats just not how rankings work.

Your argument is like saying that because lower ranked Frankie Edgar came out of nowhere and beat BJ, the number 1 ranked guy at LW at the time (and deservedly so) that BJ was "over rated" all this time, instead of just I don't know... Frankie is a better fighter? So just because a guy coming up might beat the number 1 ranked guy, the number 1 ranked guy is "over rated" ? Do you not see how this logic is retarded in a sport where there are always gonna be better guys coming up and anyone can lose?  

I'm rooting for Shogun. But remember, GSP lost his first title shot against Hughes before coming back stronger. If Jones loses, who knows what might happen the next time around. Phone Post

It will just mean that Shogun owns a Portuguese copy of The Secret.

Shogun will win via leg kicks

ICEMAN1245 - Shogun will win via leg kicks

I hope so!!

 He was put up against someone of Shogun's caliber way too early 

There won't be any excuses.  People would need to recognize that Shogun's a beast.

 youth and inexperience

Quick turnaround from previous fight with very little rest

I'm blaming everything, no matter how it goes, on the "Super Moon"...