If Brandon let Randy drop in the second....

.... would he have won via TKO?

Randy was going down after that body shot. And if Brandon just hit him a few more time and not lay in his guard... It makes me wonder.

Or if he just stood there and let handy lay on the ground holding his belly I wonder what the ref would have done.

He shouldve stood over him and hit him, flopping into Randy's guard was a tactical error. He couldve won the fight given he responds correctly.

Dan Hardy also had Swick hurt a few times and made a few tactical errors as well. If he fights Georges like he fought Swick tonight he's going to get steamrolled. Of coarse Hardy has a punches chance, but let's be real...he's going to get takendown and gnp'd donkey kong style in the 2nd round.

 brandon just lay there in randy's guard

not smart


Yeah I was thinking stepping away would have been a good call.