If Conor loses his next fight standing up...

He will be done and his legacy will come crumbling down 

let's say he fights Nate and gets knocked out , or anyone for that matter and gets KO'd standing  , people will look at Conor as a joke

the Conor nuthuggers who are currently saying that he did great against Floyd and how Floyd didn't carry him , will have no more excuses if Conor loses his next fight by KO while exchanging punches standing ... 

conor HAS to win his next fight in dramatic fashion standing up throwing punches or he will be viewed as a joke...

that is why I think Conor won't fight in the UFC again 


If he gets knocked out again standing, it won’t mean he will never fight in the UFC again.

But some of the paint will be chipped away from the Conor hype train.

Let’s face it, he’s the best hype artist BY FAR the UFC has ever had. Tito was a good early hype artist, then came Chael with his articulate shit talking. But Conor took it to a whole new level by a factor of 1,000. His crazy antics, catchy personality and accent, and especially his ability to dominate fights and even call the round where he would get the KO were extremely impressive, and just added to his magical aura.

I don’t think the Mayweather fight detracts from his grand status, but the Diaz fight did. And if he get KOed, especially by someone in his weight division, it’s going to be a lot harder to take his hype seriously.