If Cung le beats bisping

I think he should be in the title picture. Have him fight machida. Then we can see an amazing martial arts fight. If he beats machida. Then title shot. What do you guys think? Hopefully he can fight more often and on some cards that don't take place at 8am Phone Post 3.0

In Macau!


If he's wrecking all these great guys in Macau, let him have a HUGE fight in Macau!


Now that would be awesome, and tickets would sell out in a heartbeat.  I'd see to it.

Sofa King Cool - Cung isn't getting any younger. I would like to see him fight Machida/Vitor/A. Silva. Phone Post 3.0
True but if he beats top guys then his age shouldn't be a factor. Just the outcome of his fights Phone Post 3.0