If DFW died, rememered as the greatest man in mma?

Ultimately there might be 100 anti establishment anti ufc faggots on the UG that hate Dana but he has 6.6M Instagram followers and many millions more worldwide that love the guy.

What he’s done is undeniable. Any opinion against is just an opinion

As is any opinion for.

You’re looking at popularity as a gauge rather than critical thought; history is rife with detractors from popularity going to their death & proven true.

No one’s going to change your mind, that’s clear, but you should at least try to weigh the implications of that.

As long as sheep can vote, Dana White will get votes.
As to critical thought, a good illustration was made in the movie Avengers: End Game, when Bruce Banner tried to convince the sorcerer supreme to give him the Time Stone.
She used streaks of timelines to illustrate all possibilities humanity could go, and sometimes it takes that type visual as mankind is stuck in accepting & assessing what IS.

SEG, NHB were in play long before blaf, MMA had entered the world & blaf didn’t do it & nothing was gonna stop it.
What we’ve seen is simply his brand of it, which is certainly a testament to his relentless effort.

To his credit, as of late he has proven detrimental socially speaking in the face of absolute tyranny.

Hopefully remembered for being the scumbag POS nerd he is!

No matter his flaws Dana White is a net gain for the history of hand to hand combat.

YES…DANA WHITE is the most significant singular figure that had the most to do with MMA , the sport and worldwide appeal and fans, in what has become one of the major global sports to some degree.

Got to give the guy credit, I remember when Dana with the combover introduced himself and his passion and vision for growing the sport in his first interview at the first UFC event under the new banner, at UFC 33 I think it was.

He appealed to the Fertitta’s to buy the fledgling existing UFC that was almost shuttered and bring it back with rules and sanctioning etc.

He is the PT BARNUM of MMA promotion and a legend for hands on running of the UFC and growing the sport of MMA around the world. He can be difficult, bend the rules and bully people to get his way and it took that kind of spunk to get the sport to where it is today.

Part of the UFC brand was built using the DANA WHITE BRAND as the brash promoter and its had good chemistry and been successfull.