If Faber wins does he get McGregor at 202?

He said yesterday he wants this fight.

Conor would like it because it's a lot safer than diaz or Frankie

Ufc would make a lot of money on the champ vs champ angle and the ufc would like conor to take an easier fight Phone Post 3.0

TJ fight Phone Post 3.0

Is say all bets are off nowadays - give him Struve! Phone Post 3.0

McGregor would clean his clock. Phone Post 3.0

I think Faber vs Conor is an awesome idea to keep conor afloat and after that to fight Diaz when Nate decides to take less money. All while leaving the winner of FRanky/Aldo and RDA sitting in pergatory.

Surely Dillashaw. Phone Post 3.0

Win or lose Zuffa cannot go wrong making T.J vs Urijah. Thats the money fight at 135. Phone Post 3.0

Doesn't Tj have a fight lined up? Phone Post 3.0