If Fedor got 3 fight contract, who does he fight?

If Fedor got a 3 fight contract to fight in the UFC, I would first match him up with Cormier. He would win by overhand right KO early in the 1st. Next would come JDS, fresh off loss to Cain. This would be cool cause Fedor would get rocked early and then connect on a with a wild shot that will stun Jounior long enough for fedor tp get top position and get the hammerfist tko in Rd 2. Last would be the showdown with Alister! Alister will attack with leg kicks. When Fedor closes the distance, Alister will go for the plum and Fedor will powerslam his ass and sink in an arm triangle for the tapout! Boom!!! Legacy defined. Peace... Phone Post

I can't tell if this is a joke or not Phone Post

Fedor loses to all 4 names you mentioned.

He would only have a slight chance against Cormier, and it would be a test of Cormier's basic sub defense which I think he has covered by now.

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Frankie 3 times

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More realistic; travis browne, lavar johnson if both wins title shot. Phone Post

Mitrione, Schaub and Rothwell all would be tough tests for Fedor

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