If maskaev wins

there will be four eastern europeans holding the belts, thats gonna be crazy!

white too.

I doubt he will win. He got lucky against Rahman.

Have you seen the ifference it makes when hbo has a white heavyweight on their hands? They feed them pugs like no other. It wouldn't suprise me to see these guys kept on top for quite a while.

Liakhovich beat Brewster and Toney tested positive for steroids. The Ring's rankings are flawed.

No way Toney won that fight, dude.

"I could swear that somebody on this board predicted a long time ago that fighters from the former Soviet Union were going to dominate the heavies"

I remember that - wasn't that the old fart that died in the hurricane?

"talk to the experts."

Experts are not infallable. Thanks for playing though.

"Remember, as a TV viewer, it is hard not to be influenced by what Jim Lampley, et al. say, even if one is trying not to be. Most viewers do not actively try."

I will try to remember that. I pinky swear =)

Anywho. Toney wasn't that busy. Accurate, yes. Busy, no. Rahman was busier and landed more power punches.

Holyfield was not top 5 when Toney beat him. He was shot and everybody knew it.

Brewster beat Wlad who stopped Byrd. Liakhovich has to be rated higher than Byrd. Brewster also stopped Golota in 1, after the Foul Pole drew with Byrd and lost a close decision to Ruiz. Valuev won a decision over Ruiz who got the nod against Rahman.

1 Liakhovich

2 Brewster

3 Wlad

4 Valuev

5 Ruiz

6 Rahman

7 Byrd

8 Toney

That's a circular argument... I'm saying that Toney is overrated and that the Ring rankings are flawed. Your counter argument is that Holyfield was ranked in The Ring's top 5.

Doesn't that prove my point?

This is my first post on this thread:

"Liakhovich beat Brewster and Toney tested positive for steroids. The Ring's rankings are flawed."

I have been claiming the Ring's ratings are flawed for the entirety of this thread. You are delusional. HBO cheerleading aside, Chris Byrd clearly dominated Holyfield and anybody who knows anything about boxing knew he was shot going into his fight against Toney.

The only question was if Toney would be able to roll himself out of his locker room to the ring.

Laugh all you want, Toney is horribly overrated.