If Rich gets chance will he break?

Anderson Silva's nose in a revenge attack like in movie "Old boy" but with less hammer action and drugs and twist ending. Ok nothing like that, but will he?

I love seeing guys get payback. It would be great if Rich could repay that favor to Anderson. :)

sho nuff on da get down

im hopin he wrecks silva's nose too

although silva does seem like a very classy guy, this is a hard fight to pick a favorite because both guys are very classy

if anyone's nose breaks, it will be franklins. again. except this time it will break to the other side.

that is so wrong caliphornia

i wouldnt wish a nose break that bad on my worst enemy lol dat shit was brutal. i thought at the end of it i heard "fatality" "flawless victory" "toastyyyyy"

n00bis, how is that any more wrong than all the other people in this thread wishing for anderson's nose to break? it's not any different.