If the fans want to boo somebody:

They should boo the fighters, who go in there and TRY to end the fight with a cut. How many times have we seen fighters like Randy, Tito, Matt Hughes, Ricco and others, throw the elbow in hopes of getting a cut and having the fight stopped. A "cut stoppage" is actually part of their game.

It has never been part of Vitors game, and it never will be.

Amen, aint that the truth.

thats a bunch of crap Thye throw elbows cause they do damage This is a fight

Smoking Guns is correct, when some of these guys see blood they go crazy and attack that area ala Dan Severn hoping to get a stoppage.

Yea!!! Cuts in fighting are bad. From now on they should have big feathers and chase each other around the ring tickling each other.

guess in boxing boxers nevr go for the cut This is a fight not chess

To me MMA is all about defeating your opponent with strikes that knock out your opponent or submission holds that force your opponent to give up. Unfortunately rules have had to be enforced that many fighters exploit to their advantage.
Great fighters go for total victory. When guys like Sato, Frank, Newton, Cro Cop, Bas etc.. win a fight, you know it since their opponents tapped out or were knocked unconcious.

Of course you throw elbows to start a cut, that gets you the
win. However, there's no way Vitor, as a fighter, can truly be
satisfied with this win. How did his glove have an edge that
could cause a cut like that? How did that get by the ref etc.?

i think it's the gloves man, the side that's not padded(between the palm & the pinky finger) is razor sharp

The gloves have a seam on them that really bugs me for exactly this reason. In between the padded part and the palm of the glove, running down from the base of the pinky to the wrist. Would it be that difficult to get gloves with the seam on the INSIDE of the glove, against the fighter's hand?

randy lost 2 belts by eye strike

And another thing..........

Randy didn't look like he had his eyes wiped down (Vaseline) His eyes and face looked "dry" to me.

You can not go in there like this, and take the punches thrown by a fighter like Vitor Belfort.

I think had his eyes been wiped down, he would have been perfectly fine and able to continue. He would not have been cut.