If you could choose one series?

If you had to choose a series To develope a decent grappling game for gi or no gi by only tape training what series would you pick.
The goal would be to get as advanced as possible with only one set.

Nothing beats training. No instructional makes up for mat time. That being said, I think the Rodrigo Medeiros set is packed full of techniques. Saulos set is good for improving fundimentals, though.

Yes nothing beats training but maybe there's no instructor to rank and nobody to train with.

Saulo and Cesar Gracie series.

Jen's or Thorton's

Roy Harris BJJ 101 v1-3 + 201

also his armlocks 1&2 and takedowns from the knees.

that stuff keeps me busy forever.


Matt Thornton's FJKD 2.

Just starting out....either Saulo or Sperry. Garcia 2 if you already have a good understanding of BJJ basics

Sperry for starting out?

For MMA: Sperry Vale Tudo Series

For Sub Grappling: Sperry Sub Grappling Series

For BJJ: Jen Ultimate Series

Ok, I'm presuming that you're starting from beginner level?

Well then the best tape set is Roy Harris BJJ101. Very few tapes show you, for example, the details of dominating from the mount, or side control, or whatever. You need to know these.

The only issue with BJJ101 is the lack of much submissions (apart from foot locks). If I am allowed to include his arm lock tapes as part of the tape set, then this is what I would buy.

I would say the Saulos or Medieros's and if you are more advanced the Garcias with the Gi.

I look forward to the day twinkletoes recommends something other than a roy harris set. If they are that great I wonder why you need to buy anything else. It seems to be the be all end all of instructionals when ever anyone asks, so why buy anything else?

i would definitely recommend roy harris bjj 101 tapes as well as the bjj 201 tape. everything else makes more sense when you have seen those first. i would say they pretty much the best instructionals for a beginner by far, i haven't seen the saulo set, but from the examples it looks like it has the potential to be in the same league. michael jen's sets are great too.

I just started training one month ago I am only 16
but wanted to get a head start,I started training after watching the show T.U.F.
I know the basics but now want to upgrade them.
My goal is to get a Diego style since he inspired me to start training,so what tapes should I get to help reach my goal.
I wouldnt be on here if I didnt watch Diego on T.U.F.