If you had to pay for UFC 70

would it had been worth the money? Or are you wishing you could have hours of your life back like when you watched Tito vs Dana

Lots of boooooring fights. Gonzaga saved it. AA was the worst I've seen. Maybe Tim wasn't the only one to blame for the 25 minute snoozefest.

Im the biggest mma fan I know and I didnt watch Tito/Dana. Watching a countdown special for a fight I know isnt happening just doesnt make sense.

Well the card looked good..Anyone know what the Lyoto fight was like?

This card as most UFC cards recently have been, was total shit. I wouldn't have paid for it. Youtube or dailymotion the next day...

It wasnt bad. It was excellent for a free event and it would have been pretty good for a ppv.

10 for spiketv

7 for ppv

I like all fight cards, and think they are all pretty much worth the money, especially when you consider what a night out on the town costs these days... I actually save a small gob of money by ordering a $ 40 ppv and pizza versus taking the wife out for drinks & dinner.

I do admit though that Arlovski just didn't engage.... that was a horrible fight.

Actually I thought it was pretty good. Arlovski/Werdum had 2 lousy rounds and Kongo/Silva was as meaningless as they come...but the rest were good. I'd assumed we'd get 1 or 2 undercards for $40.
Hindsight's 20/20, but I wouldn't be mad if I'd paid.

"Anyone know what the Lyoto fight was like?"

I have already posted this on another thread, but, I was there live. The fight was a very tentative standup match which lacked action. It was quite similar to the Arlovski vs Werdum match in both fighters trying to counterstrike. Machida won by unanimous decision.

"shitbag cards gotta stop... I don't care if they are free or not."

That makes no sense. So you would rather not have had an event tonight? This was an extra event, we just had one 2 weeks ago. I'd rather the UFC have a weak event every week and one good ppv once a month. More mma is always better.

I don't understand complaining about a free event.

Kongo-Silva was entertaining enough. The Grice and Bisping fights were exiting. I'd been fine w/o seeing Arlovski, and the Gonzaga upset was cool. I don't see too much to complain about.

worth it

Not great for a PPV, but a decent set of fights, great for Spike, but how do they list the Machida fight as a headliner, film for the previews and not show the fight?

["Well the card looked good..Anyone know what the Lyoto fight was like?"]

When a fight is on the intro package but they leave it off the broadcast = probably not good.

What a bunch of whiners. The card was fine for any kind of UFC card. Guess you guys would rather go back to five ppv's a year or something instead of multiple cards a month, including free ones.

"When a fight is on the intro package but they leave it off the broadcast = probably not good."

Yea, that's what I was thinking.

That, and they decided to air the Ultimate Fighter rerun 25 minutes early. :)


Thanks, I didnt see the other thread about Lyoto

It was a very good card, and pretty good fights.

Werdum vs Arlovsky wasnt great. But how is it a UFC fault.

On paper it was an interesting fight between two top fighters.

lol, if your time is more valuable, dont watch it. You didnt pay for it and you turn the tv on to watch it. No one forced you to watch it. If you dont like it, you dont have to watch it but while other people such as myself do like it, we can watch it.

"Enough... my time is more valuable than watching some of the cards that the UFC has shoveled on us recently - regardless of the upsets or if they are "free". If anything, the recent upsets just show that the UFC marketing hype machine is as full of it as your typical UG poster."

lol, this UFC was Cro Cop, Arlovski, Gonzago, Werdum, etc. No where near Thacker vs Jimmerson.

"I'd watch Jason Thacker vs. Art Jimmerson if it was free. Free UFC rocks - I don't care who it is!"

I would not have been happy at all if I'd paid 40.00 wto watch that.