If you had to..................

2 things (well 3 actually - the third being shit stirring) motivated me to create this thread.

1: Recent homophobe thoughts after my post re BONELLO "Looking like a model"

2: My LOVE of TARRANTINO movies - True romance being my favourite. Referring to Christian SLATERS pick up Line "I'd fuck Elvis" PRESLEY not SINOSIC ;)

The question..........

If you HAD to fuck a male fighter.. HAD TO ( I stress again)..... who would it be???

My mind is ticking... After Ngakau sms'd me saying he won the male model search at the drink I told him he was so pretty he is almost beginning to look like a woman ;)

Anyway........ ummmmm ar.......

Really stuck trying to think who "I'd bang" of course would wanna be on Daddy's end of this "mommy and daddy" game..... Actually Vanderlai is kinda handsome in a butch way....Dunno why chicks dig Ricco though, I still have visions of the first ADCC where he was like 350lb :( Um any feminine types out there.. Carlos NEWTON perhaps.... Umm arrrrrrr..... (I bet people are shaking heads... maybee not).....

Anyway.............no-one's really comming to mind how about you guys??



Nah just getting in touch with my feminine side. we all should

wtf ?...I'm speechless

c'mon aaron appart from Elvis, who could you see your self rimming? ;)


It's a bit early to be drinking isn't it Justin ?

A looong business lunch perhaps ?



Check out the "Otherground Forum" link above.

It's a sub-forum on this site specifically created for MMA fans who are interested in these kinds of topics.

Lol Thomas :)

I thought we'd have takers on this thread (no pun intended).

COBRAS is around, COOPER'S got net access in Melbourne.

I actually have a gay friend that is VERY fond of one of our welter weight champions ;)


Thanks for the thought Justin , but I'd prefer to think about those sorts of things with my wife ( or Francesca Willis maybe ;)

can we get a sub forum of our own too? I can moderate it!

we'll call it the Justin "I'm big down under" Forum ;)


You and the wife like a little meat bewtween the sandwich?

I'll google that name though!


It is worth googling the name ...sydney schoolgirl suspended for taking 'risque' photos in her school uniform ...incredibly hot

Barkers college for those in sydney

What do you know, I just happen to have this link handy:




Bah get rid of this school girl stuff you weirdo's were talking schlong here!


"Bah get rid of this school girl stuff you weirdo's were talking schlong here"

That's it Justin there can be no redemtion for you now...

You're lost forever to "the other side"


im guessing this is an imp job....
giving justin the benefit of the doubt

Byron, if someone hadda imped me I reckon they'da thrown a name in there as to who I wanted to bang.

People always criticise me for talking to much about me so I thought I'd create an open thread allowing everyone to express who their favourite fighter is :)

Seeing no-one is playing perhaps we should play a little game and make some celebrity couples. I can see "get me my bread bird" and Matt COOPER making a lovely couple ;)


are you still getting married this month justin?

maybe you're getting jitters/ considering options

Hey Nathan, yep sure am mate. I miss them days of training at RNHB. 1 hook in, 2 Hooks in.. You always tapped before I got the third in though ;)