If you're a champion you don't pick your fights

Or is that not how it works... Hmmm

If Jones wasn't as exciting and big a draw as he is, Zuffa would have cut him - champ or not. Phone Post

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Also, is preparing for Hendo really that different than preparing for Chael...? Both wrestlers, both decent boxers. Sure Hendo has that right hand, but I'm sure just because it's Chael means Jones' entire camp up to now has been for nothing. Phone Post

 Disgraceful imo.

Warzone209 -  You're an idiot TS.  Justify Chael sonnen coming off getting TKO'd at a lower weight into another immediate title shot that would just make the LHW belt a joke.

Really? It would make it a joke? Then why did Dana try to put the fight together....

And take it easy with the name calling my bro. Why are you so angry?

And finally... You think the champion should have a big say in who they fight? Would that make the belt less of a joke to you my friend? Phone Post

Warzone add me on Facebook bro. I want to be your friend. Phone Post

Honestly, the being able to pick your opponents is one of the things I despise about fight sports (MMA & Boxing), and of course....college football non-conference games.

Is it any surprise the more successful, and mainstream sports, somebody else decides who you play/fight ahead of time, and then your job is just to show up and compete?

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