if you're not doin' steroids, then..what?

Then what keeps you healthy?
Ya roll, hyper-extend your elbow, shoulder? They can be sore for weeks! competing or not it's hard to roll next time when you're shoulder is sore.
What do you take? Anything you think works wonders? A GNC cocktail? a "Machida" with ice? Aleve? What's out there for us to rehab quicker- that's legal.

fish oil

How about a balanced diet?


horse meat.

Rest and a healthy diet.  Other than that, learn to tap earlier.

Its not like there's some big secret out there that all the top athletes are hiding from the rest of us. Eat right, use good form, and rest when your hurt.

 fish oil, gluco/chondro stack, diet and 9 hours of sleep.


Marijuana..will do ze trick.

yohimbe bark

I would try steroids if I knew where to get them. I have a few friends who are gym rats, but they're all clean.

lol @ the Todd Duffee gif

Nut up or shut up, you pussy steroid takers.

Chicken.. n egg whites baby