IFC news: Texas Promoter Arrested

From the IFC Desk

  Local boxing and mixed martial arts promoter,
Richard Salazar of Garrett Promotions was
arrested and booked into the Hidalgo County Jail
in Hidalgo, Texas on February 17, 2004 on
embezzlement charges filed by Glenn Thomas of
the IFC. Salazar was the local promoter for an IFC
event held in McAllen, Texas on December 6,2004
at the   Dodge Arena and promoted as  RUMBLE
ON THE RIO. Under Texas law Salazar was
required to pay the fighters in the event. The IFC
gave Salazar the money to pay the fighters. Checks
were issued by Salazar immediately following the
event to all of the participants. Salazar's checks
failed to clear leaving the participating fighters

  In a statement made to police by Salazar, who
was bonded in accordance with Texas state
guidelines, Salazar said that he knew that the
bonding company would eventually pay the
The Texas Combative Sports Division is also
investigating and it is expected that Salazar's
license to do business in that state will be revoked.
He also faces misdemeanor charges for failing to
follow the Texas State code concerning conducting
combative sports events. Under Texas law, the
embezzlement charges are a third degree felony .
The bonding company, CNA Surety of Chicago,
has been requested by the Texas Combative
Sports Division and the IFC to release funds for the
It is the policy of the IFC to work with local
promoters to help them develop local MMA
promotions. According to Paul Smith of the IFC, "It
is also IFC policy that the promoters act
responsibly. The fighters must be protected. That
is exactly why we work so closely with state athletic
commissions and the ISKA and have established
the guidelines that we have." According to Mr.
Thomas, the IFC is also pursuing a criminal
investigation into Edward Kim who promoted THE
BATTLEGROUND in Chicago.        Kim has filed for
bankruptcy protection to avoid paying that event's


Kirik is a psychic?


Glad to see he's getting what he deserves.

KIM still owes me money~!

That little bitch Salazar is lucky the police got to him first.

Good news.

Nail all of these dirty promoters. Get 'em out of the sport.

Good now maybe we will get Paid!! That guy cost me a lot of money.

It looks like May but I hope something comes up before then. Are you fighting on the Evolution show, it looks good.

a lot of slammer stories coming up now a days.

I talk smack on Cordeiro and KOTC but at least their fighters get paid.


Another associate of Paul Smith (IFC, ISKA-MMA) in jail.

Paul sanctions a event he can't help if the promoters a jackass. The one that was just arrested has been around for a long time. How was Paul suppose to know he would pull this crap.

Paul is one of the few promoters in this business that I trust.

I have fought for Paul 10 times and this was the first time I didn't get paid. He has no control over money that the state makes him give to thier promoters. Paul is straight forward and really tries to be fair with everyone.

What's up Bone. How are things going for you? Do you have anything lined up?