IFL Coming to Vegas!

They recently changed the Reno event on June 16th to the Las Vegas Hilton....In my opinion it was a great choice. , nothing like holding an event in vegas. Does anyone know anything about the Hilton's seating capacity?

I also hear that tickets go on sale this saturday

was just looking at the article and it says the Theatre holds 1,600 seats, but i doubt they would hold it in a theatre

i'm excited about it being here.. but 1,600 seats? thats odd..

i've looked at the theater's seating chart and it only says 1,700...and plus it would be theater seating from the looks up it, which would be kind of weird...



the theater isnt that big, they hold the menopause show and the berry manilow show there nightly

Great News!  I live in SoCal, but will travel to Vegas for that...IFL shows are great live.


if the venue is as small as it seems i would buy tickets once they are offered....saturday. IFL stands a great chance at selling this one out completely without any papering

who gives a shit?

the stock went south