IFL Live??

My Dish guide says that the show ends at 9pm central time.  Thats in 20 minutes.  Are they only airing two fights on live tv??  Or is my guide fuked up....

lucky bastard. Its on at 10 here.

I believe they are airing 1 hour of the show live. Started at 8 central, 9 eastern

Thats pretty weak


Hey the fights were good and Cam kept them busy.

why only 1 hour??? thats lame and weird

If anyone has any of the un-aired fights please post them....thanks


Your a fucktard!

See I can talk shit too bitch!

Sort of live and real short. One hour is too short.


For the last year-2 years people ahve been asking the IFL to put fights on live. They did it on FREE tv. Unless I am mistaken you could pull out an old antenna TV and have tuned into last nights fights. Plus the fights they showed were good. It would have been nicer if they had a 2 hour slot but its a start. Lets hope the TV execs are happy with it and decide to give them more live TV time. Lets hope the IFL makes it.

Upload the fight from Prand Prix please!!!I missed it...