IFL Oakland Jan 19th : Full Card

Tiger Sharks (Seattle, Was.) vs. Condors (OC, Calif.)

LW/155: Shad Lierley vs. Adam Lynn

WW/170: Brad Blackburn vs. Rodrigo Ruas

MW/185: Bristol Marunde vs. Jeremy Williams

LH/205: Reese Andy vs. Justin Levens

HW/265: Curtis Crawford vs. Antoine Jaoude

Lions (Reno, Nev.) vs. Razorclaws (San Jose, Calif.)

LW/155: John Gunderson vs. Josh Odom

WW/170: Pat Healy vs. Ray Steinbeiss

MW/185: Daniel Molina vs. Brian Foster

LH/205: Vernon White vs. Raphael Davis

HW/265: Roy Nelson vs. Vince Lucero

Superfight: MW/185: Jeremy Horn vs. Falaniko Vitale


Awesome to see Justin Levens fight for the IFL. Even though I think he'd be a better fit for the new WEC.



I second that. Not doing much for me!


I'm stoked to see Levens & Vernon on free TV at some point.